FAQs & Tips


    • Visit – Your coach will stop and you’ll get to visit a specific site.
    • View – A brief stop and an opportunity to take photos.
    • See – Your coach will drive by the site so that you can see it.
    • Sightseeing tour – A local city guide will accompany you on a tour of a city or site.
    • A day to relax(free day) No planned activities; time for optional excursions or other independent activities.

    • Alert your credit card providers. Before you leave home
    • It is essential that you take Travel Insurance.
    • Consult your doctor regarding recommended vaccinations or other health precautions for your destination(s). Check that any medication you need to take is legal in the countries you plan to visit. It is a good idea to carry a prescription from your doctor for any medicines you take with you.
    • Pickpockets love tourist destinations, so take only essential items. Men, keep your wallet in a buttoned breast pocket or buttoned pants pocket. Women, wear a hand-bag with wide straps and locked clasps, diagonally across the chest and don’t hang it over the door when you use a public bathroom.
    • Use safer ATMs.
    • Beware of “front desk” fraudsters. A late-night phone call to your room from a “clerk” saying your credit card number is needed again may be a ruse by an ID thief. Ignore the request and call the front desk yourself.
    • When packing an item think about how many times you are going to wear it. If you are not going to wear it more than two times, don’t pack it!
    • Choose clothes that pack well and colour co-ordinate. For example, choose a base colour for trousers, skirts & shorts like beige or khaki and then match with a couple of highlight colours.
    • Be aware of local traditions and dress codes. Ladies should consider adding ONE scarf to the luggage.
    • If you wear glasses, pack an extra pair or at least have a copy of your glasses prescription.
    • To avoid problems when passing through customs, keep medicines in their original labeled containers. If a medication is unusual, carry a letter from your doctor attesting to your need to take it.
    • If you wash some items in your hotel bathroom, do not forget to take them when you are checking out.
    • If taking a digital camera, clean out your photo card memory and get a back-up one and spare battery.
    • If you have any severe allergies, please tell your Tour Director.

    Remembering what not to pack can sometimes be as important as remembering what to pack. Follow this simple rule – don’t bring anything you would hate to lose. Leave at home:


    • Valuable or expensive-looking jewelry.
    • Irreplaceable family objects.
    • All unnecessary credit cards.
    • Your identity card, library card, and similar items you may routinely carry in your wallet.

    • Re-evaluate your list to eliminate any unnecessary or single-use items.
    • Iron everything before placing it in your suitcase as you may not always have time to iron clothes when you are on tour. Button all buttons and zip all zippers to avoid items getting caught on them.
    • Pack chronologically, with items to be worn first on the top. This will make it easier to pull things out of your suitcase and save you time, handy for when you are on the go.
    • Pack items tightly so that clothes do not have too much space to move around and wrinkle.
    • Individual containers with more than 100ml should not be taken in your carryon luggage in many airports. They must be placed in your checked in luggage.
    • Always carry travel documents, medication, jewelry (only take the absolute minimum), money and travellers cheques, and other valuables in your money belt.
    • Remember to pack your bag only two-thirds full to leave room for shopping and souvenirs STIOS.

    What Are Tour Director Like ?

    Time and time again, our guests tell us that it was their Tour Director who really made their trip. Our Tour Director is amongst the finest in the business and will help steer you through the cultures, languages and diversities and bring its magic to life before your eyes.

    Will Coach Travel Be Relaxing ?

    We ensure your comfort when travelling by planning plenty of rest stops during each journey.

    Will The Coach Be Modern And Comfortable ?

    Yes, another exclusive feature is the incredible space and comfort you’ll enjoy when travelling. Our luxury coaches have been specially reconfigured with fewer seats, you’ll relax in style whilst enjoying up to twice as much legroom than on a standard touring coach.
  • Hotel Tips

    What Will My Hotel Look Like ?


    Do You Accommodate Special Needs ?

    We make every effort to accommodate any special needs requests, whether it be a dietary restriction or a physical limitation.In order to accommodate your needs as best as possible, we ask that you let us know at the time of booking so we can assess the request and see how and where we can accommodate you. We may ask you to fill out a form depending on the request in order for us to assess how and if we can accommodate.

    Can I Have Laundry Done ?

    Most hotels do offer a laundry service. However, it is a good idea to try and pack enough clothing to avoid having to do laundry, as it can sometimes be costly or inconvenient.

    Do You Have A Share Program For Singles ?

    We will try to match you with someone of the same sex in order to avoid having to pay for the single supplement. If we are not able to provide a suitable roommate, we will provide a single room at an extra cost.

    How Can I Keep In Touch With Family And Friends ?

    WIFI at all hotels

    What If I Arrive Late Or Cut Short Of The Trip ?

    We regret that no refunds can be made for absences from a trip, including experiences such as missed meals or sightseeing. Less than 30days before arrival at destination, refund is always not possible by the Destination Partners, as participants are already factored.

    Minimize Jet

    • Plan for your trip in advance, making sure the last couple of days prior to leaving, you are completely relaxed and well rested. Otherwise if you rundown and fly, there is a higher chance you will get sick and will spend the first part of your trip trying to recover.
    • Reset your clock. When you board the plane change your watch to the local time of the destination you are traveling to. Try to stay up that bit longer or go to sleep earlier to get your body clock onto this new time schedule.
    • Eat, drink and rest. Opt for lighter meal options and drink plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration. Either take a couple of bottles of water onto the flight or continuously ask for drinks throughout the flight. Stick to water or fruit juices, avoid caffeine, alcohol and high sugar drinks. While those in-flight movies are tempting, opt for sleep instead. You may wish to take your own fold up travel pillow for extra comfort.
    • Regularly stretch and walk around the plane
    • When you arrive at your destination, try to stay awake until early evening. Don’t sleep otherwise you won’t be able to sleep at night. If you are absolutely exhausted, then have an hour-long nap as soon as you arrive however set your alarm or order a wakeup call. The best method to stay awake is to stay active.


    First Aid :

    We do not have over the counter medications on the coach. Your Tour Director will be able to advise you on where to purchase these items if needed. Please kindly remember to take all your medications . In some countries, you may have to produce doctor’s prescription form before you may be able to purchase certain medicines, please you may buy enough for the trip in your country or origin.

    Hotel Check-in & Check-out :

    Arrangements are made to ensure that check-in and checkout procedures at hotels run smoothly. All room allocations are done by the hotel prior to arrival. On departing from the hotel, always remember to return your room key to the front desk. Check-in is always at 14:00pm and check- out at 10:00am.

    Personal Hotel Expenses :

    Any additional costs incurred during your stay at the hotels are your responsibility. Please make certain that your account is settled on the evening before departure to ensure a smooth and speedy check-out.

    Drinks :

    Unless specified, these are at your own expense. Always remember to drink enough water to avoid dehydration, especially in hot climates. Bottled water is available for sale on coaches. In some European cafés/bars you pay one price to drink at the bar, and a higher price to sit at a table. Alcoholic drinks can be much more expensive if purchased in hotel bars.

    Minibars : 

    Some hotel rooms have small refrigerators stocked with drinks and ice, but check the price list before consuming as they can be expensive. They are NOT free.

  • Meals



    • Daily breakfasts following local traditions are included. In Europe, you’ll enjoy a buffet style breakfast. (On very early departures a breakfast box may be provided). Please do not take food away from the dining rooms – this is not permitted and you may be charged if you do.
    • Lunch: People have varying requirements at lunch time, so lunch is not included.
    • On travelling days, snack/meal stops are made where there are sufficient facilities to cater for groups. Your Tour Director’s choice of meal stops will be made by taking all factors of the day’s planning into account.


    Dinner : 

    The meal plan includes an evening meal on most travelling days with hotels offering a range of international food. There are also lots of opportunity to enjoy local specialties, fine dining and regional drinks.


    Lunch :

    Your budget for lunch must be between $15 to $25 depending on what you want your lunch to be.

    Water :

    Tap water is perfectly safe to drink throughout the trip, with few exceptions. Alternatively, bottled water may be available on your coach. Hotels supply only water, if you drink any alcohol or soft drink, they will bill you. In Jordan, Tap water is not safe, so you have to personally buy bottle water in every meal.

    Optional Experiences :

    Since every passenger has different interests and priorities, it is neither possible nor desirable to include every activity in the itinerary. To enhance your experience, we offer a range of optional visits, activities and local meals. These can be booked and purchased through your Tour Director.

    Please note : Optional Experiences and their prices may vary due to seasonal conditions and minimum passenger participation, and are subject to change without notice.


    Holidays & Changes :

    During local or national holidays, certain facilities such as scheduled meals, sightseeing, other included activities and shopping may be limited, so we sometimes have to make slight itinerary adjustments.

    Shopping :

    There will be many opportunities for shopping. Your Tour Director can direct you to local markets and shopping areas, but cannot guarantee to find you the lowest price. Purchases made by credit card may be charged at the exchange rate the time the credit card company invoices you, many banks also charge an exchange fee. Various tax concessions and duty free shopping may be available to overseas visitors; however, it varies depending on the amount spent and you must present documentation (passport and/or visa) that you are a foreign national or non-resident. Your Tour Director will be pleased to assist with information.
  • Tipping

    North America & Europe

    • In North America, it is customary to tip for a variety of services. Whether you agree or disagree with the practice, tipping is a way of life in America. As a guide, if the service was of good quality, a restaurant is usually tipped 15-20% of the total bill before tax. In bars and pubs, the bartender and cocktail server usually earns between $1- $2 per drink depending on the price of the drink. Other services from taxi drivers to hairdressers normally receive 10%. Your Tour Director can also answer any questions you may have regarding when and how much to tip.
    • Many passengers also ask for guidance on the amount to tip Driver and guide to express the satisfaction with the service received. The Internationally recommended amounts are:

    *Driver per person per day $5 *2. Guide per person per day $3. *3. Hotel (housekeeping & Stewards and Bill boys) are also to be considered.


    Telephone :

    Please note that making telephone calls from your hotel room can be very expensive. Consider before making numerous calls. Wifi is always available for free.


    WIFI :

    Many Ahenfie Travel Consult hotels offer complimentary Wi-Fi available in public areas or guest rooms. Cellular based Wifi may also be present on your Ahenfie Travel Consult touring coach. Your Tour Director will advise you on availability.


    Security On Tour :

    While your Tour Director is always there to guide you, it also helps if you take your own precautions.
    • If you are exploring on your own, tell someone where you are going and don’t go down poorly lit or narrow alleys.
    • Avoid scam artists by being wary of strangers who approach you and offer to sell you something at bargain prices.
    • Beware of pickpockets. They often ask you for directions or the time; Point to something spilled on your clothing; Distract you by creating a disturbance.
    • Wear your bag across your chest.
    • Try to be as inconspicuous as possible – wear appropriate clothing that does not make you stand out and look purposeful when you move about. Even if you are lost, act as though you know where you are and try to only ask for directions from individuals in authority.
    • Don’t attract unwanted attention by flashing large amounts of money when paying for bills or shopping.
    • When traveling, do not leave your bags or belongings unattended at any time.
    • A money belt worn under your clothing is the safest place to carry valuables. Your money belt should be undetectable under your clothing and should not be regularly accessed throughout the day. What to put in your money belt: Passport: You’re legally supposed to have it with you at all times; Spare Credit or Debit card; Cash and Travellers Cheques – Larger bills; Emergency contact lists.
    • Most importantly stay alert, be aware of your surroundings and listen to your Tour Director who is always looking after your best interests.

    Our Tour Directors are experienced travellers, learned historians and culture buffs. Their expertise and years of travel make them the world’s best travel professionals, so always listen to them.
    • Ensure you have budgeted for the entire trip, including money for shopping, extra meals and optional excursions.
    • Learn some useful phrases – your Tour director will be able to converse in the languages of the places you visit but learning a few phrases can’t hurt and any attempts are usually appreciated by locals.


    Your Tour Director :

    Your Tour Director is a true expert about each destination. He will provide you with a warm and personal service to your own interest. You are encouraged to talk to your Tour Director straight away if something is not right, so any problems can be rectified there and then, and you can continue to enjoy your journey.

    Your Coach Driver :

    Your Coach Driver works in close cooperation with your Tour Director and is fully trained, tested and experienced. Their responsibilities include loading and unloading luggage, the vehicle’s safety inspection, its cleanliness and most importantly, your safety.


    Your Motorcoach :

    Modern, air-conditioned coaches have been carefully selected with your comfort, safety and scenic viewing ability in mind. The Tour guide and the Driver will explain all the safety features of your motor coach at the beginning of your Pilgrimage. A mandatory seat rotation schedule will be explained by your Tour Director. For the comfort of all members, we enforce a non- alcohol and no-smoking policy.


    Please, the front roll of the bus is ALWAYS reserved for:

    1. Group Leaders (LEFT)

    2. Tour Guide (uses the RIGHT )

    There is a free sitting from the 2 nd roll until the back seat.

    For the comfort and enjoyment of all our guests we ask that a few coach etiquette guidelines be observed. Complimentary WiFi is sometimes available on touring coaches, however to ensure Internet speed and reliability a fair-use policy applies. Be mindful of others when using audio technology on board and talking on cell phones. Please also be aware of obstructing the view of those behind you when using tablets to take photos or video footage. Do not eat in the bus or send any unusual object to the bus, please.


    Roommate :

    Your roommate is never your house maid, please kindly clean washroom and bath after using it. Make sure all places are neat for the comfort of both of you.


    Check out from Hotel :

    Please, make sure that you do double checking in your room before handing the keys to the receptionist. Check under your pillows, wardrobe, bathroom, under the bed, etc. Once you leave the hotel, another person or group may also check in.


    Electric Chargers :

    For your comfort, please take an adopter or Two pins charger. The Three pin will not work for you.


    Lost of Money :

    Neither Ahenfie nor Group leader shall be responsible for your lost money or item. There shall be no contribution for you so be aware and keep eye on your cash.


    Always There Is One The House :

    Always there is one person who will claim to know everything whilst in the actual fact is not. Such person will try to convince many people as she/he can win, to follow her/him. Please stay away from such person who want your Pilgrimage blessings to fall on the ground. They are crafty. Watch out and avoid them. They pretend to offer help, be good guidance, be good advisers, pretend to love you. For you know them, they complain about food, water, milk, soup, salt, pepper, towels, soap, wind, Tour Guide and even claim that the driver is in love with. They engineer to attack the Tour Director, primary aim. Such person can use you to attack the Leader, BE WISE BECAUSE THERE WILL BE ONE IN THE HOUSE.

  • Extra information about Jordan :

    Travel Insurance :

    We strongly recommend you take out travel insurance. It should include health coverage.


    Health & Vaccinations :

    Although not essential, it is recommended to have Diphtheria, Hepatitis A and Tetanus vaccinations when travelling through the Middle East. Jordan has a high standard of health care and is relatively cheap in comparison to European countries and the US. Our doctors have been trained in English speaking countries and therefore any language barrier is negligible. In summer months, the biggest issue is over- exposure to the sun. To avoid sunburn, sunstroke and/or dehydration, use a quality sunscreen, wear a wide brimmed hat and sunglasses, and drink plenty of water. The water in Jordan is safe to drink however it is heavily chlorinated and therefore not particularly pleasant in taste. We suggest drinking bottled mineral water which is readily available and reasonably priced. Please only drink pasteurized milk.


    Electricity :

    Electricity in Jordan is 220 volts and the outlets accept the European two-pin plug. Many of the hotels throughout Jordan will provide different power sockets in their rooms although it is always wise to carry at least one world-wide adapter with you.


    Check-in / Check-out Times :

    Generally, check-in time at hotels is 15:00 with check-out at 12:00 noon. Earlier check-ins or later check- outs can be requested on your behalf however the decision will be by hotel management and dependent upon room availability at the time.


    Dining :

    Jordanian cuisine, while unique, is part of the Arabic culinary heritage. Food in the Arab world is more than simply a matter of nourishment. Feasting is a preoccupation and food is often the centerpiece of social activities. As a guest, be assured that vast platters of succulent and nutritious food will be made in honor of your visit. Dishes will satisfy even the most health conscious person as many are prepared with grain, cheese, yoghurt, fresh and dried fruits, and vegetables. Always ask about the ingredients if you have allergies as many dishes contain nuts and wheat.


    Climate :

    Jordan boasts a Mediterranean climate, ideal for year-round holidays and travel. Amman is sunny and cloudless from May to October, with average temperatures around 23oC (73oF). Springtime brings optimal weather, lush with greenery, while autumn is equally mild. July and August are hot and dry but not oppressive. Aqaba and the Jordan Valley (Dead Sea) are ideal winter resorts with temperatures averaging 16-22oC (61-72oF) during the coolers months between November and April. There is very little rain in the Aqaba area and in the desert.


    Clothing :

    Jordan will appreciate if your clothing is appropriate. Shorts are rarely worn by either sex, and would be out of place in the downtown Amman area.


    Souvenirs :

    Please do not remove any rocks, pottery or other items from any of the historical/religious sites you visit. If interested in purchasing souvenirs, eg. mosaic work, traditional clothing, or jewelry, we recommend checking out the prices at several different locations before buying.


    Tipping :

    Tipping is always appreciated. In hotels and restaurants, 10% may be automatically added to the bill, but a small tip for the waiters is appropriate. For hotel bellmen and porters, 500 files – 1 JD (US$ 2) is customary; in taxis, add about 200 fils to the price of the meter. Unless included in your tour package, tipping of the guides and drivers is also appreciated – approx. 3 JD (US$5) per person per day.


    Currency :

    Don’t forget to carry enough money to cover the cost of meals not included in the trip costing, drinks, tipping and other incidentals including shopping and optional activities. Generally, US Dollars, Euro, British Pound (GBP), Canadian and Australian Dollars are widely accepted in Jordan. The local currency is the Jordanian Dinar (JD) often referred to as the “JayDee”. There are 1, 5, 10, 20 and 50 JD notes. The Dinar is divided into 100 piasters (pronounced “pee-aster”) or 1,000 fils. Currency can be exchanged at major banks, exchange agencies, and most hotels.

    There are also currency exchange facilities at Queen Alia International Airport within the terminal building. Street money-changers should be avoided whenever possible. Exchange rates are set daily by the Jordanian Central Bank. Credit Cards and Traveller’s Cheques. VISA and MasterCard (with American Express and Diners Club not quite as frequent) are accepted at hotels, restaurants and larger shops. Small establishments may add a 4% bank surcharge. Traveller’s cheques can be exchanged for cash at exchange shops although you should expect to pay a commission of up to 5% for doing so. Please note that many smaller shops still prefer cash payment in the Jordanian currency, and it is essential for shopping in the local Shops. Whilst still limited, the number of automated teller machines (ATMs) is fast increasing in Jordan, however in popular areas such as Petra, machines can run out of money. Western Union outlets can be found throughout Jordan, either as stand- alone companies or within banks.


    How Much Money Will I spend ?

    Getting into the spirit of your holiday is very important however Jordan is not a cheap destination. Depending upon the meals provided in your holiday package, you should budget around US$7-10 per day for a basic lunch (drinks extra) and US$15-20 per day for hearty meals at a higher quality restaurant (drinks extra).


Travel Consult

Ahenfie Travel Consult

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